Moontip Heroine

by limesix

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Recorded to 4-track in Provo, Utah, then several months of overdubbed guitars and vocals. Remastered by a generous soul in 2006 or so. Amatuerish? Perhaps. As Idaho famously opined, we were young and needed the money. But we had a good time.


released November 14, 1998

Chris Rediske: guitars, vocals, bass on "Francis of the Last Days"
Wade Chamberlain: Bass
Chris Reynolds: Drums


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limesix Orlando

Limesix is a rock band, in the 90s tradition. They maybe sound a bit like Portastatic, Yo La Tengo, and Say Hi, hopefully with some sly nods to Prince.

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Track Name: I'd Like to Try.
And I touch the meter running, a favorite chill down my back.
And the wires are humming - chase the lines right through the track.
A single note out of the silence, a single desperate cry for help.
Can I ignore all this violence - pull it out, inside myself.

A final moment. Fading away. I'd like to touch it. But I can't make it stay.

I chase the moon into the twilight, and feel it soak into my skin.
Think I could drift into sight, and she would make the fun begin.
I'd like to try to go to sleep now - a bed of grass would grace my back.
Awaken me with the sun, how would I ever want to go back.

I'd like to try you. I'd like to try. Feeling for you. Saying goodbye.

(semi-improv acoustic guitar solo)

I like the promise. Hard to forget. When I can touch you. When you are wet. The final moment. Dropped on the ground. I'd like to touch it. I like the sound.
Track Name: Song 4 the Curious and Demanding.
Cryptic is the reason for the words I have written. Before and again.
And you tried to decipher the meaning, hidden and quiet, and not quite ready to show its face.

And it might not be for you. And it might not be for you. And I might not even know what you want to know.
And it might not be for you. And it might not be for you. And I might not even know.

So what makes you so sure you want to know? I think I'll keep my own counsel - when you're so curious and demanding, but you don't like the truth.
So don't ask me - ask yourself. You're probably better at it anyway. Just make yourself feel good. And I'll be cryptic.

And it might not be for you. And it might not be for you. And I might not even know what you want to know.
And it might not be for you. And it might not be for you. And I might not even know.

(funky drum and bass outro - live, this also featured a scorching and tuneless guitar solo)
Track Name: Suddenly, Quickly.
As I listen to your heartbeat, I'm reminded of my hands scratching out your name in the sand.
And as the tide rolls in I remember that this is only temporary. A spike in your prime of life.

And I can't reconcile the pounding in my head with the nothing in your heart.
And I can't stop this now even if it'd be easier not to start.

I think I've listened for the last time to your voice murmur out my name in the dark.
And your hand doesn't wander anymore.
Cause you're not here. Not in spirit, and I'm pretty sure I don't feel your body too.
But I remember what it was like to fall down next to you.

And I don't have the answers to all the questions that you asked.
So you're looking somewhere else, and I don't blame you.
And even if all of this is safely buried in the past, I wouldn't blame you for trying - I know that I would too.

I think I've buried my resentment by your name in the sand.
And now there's nothing left to do but spin around and hold out my hand, in hopes that someone else might happen by.
Stranger things have happened, and I think you know that's true.