Sweep the Leg, Jonny

by limesix



This is a song about someone you know.


You'll never find someone who cares this much about you
I spend all my time just making sure that is true

Sweep the leg, Jonny. Figure out just what is what

Just the other day I came over right when you called
It's the little things that sometimes mean nothing at all

Sweep the leg, Jonny. I know someday you will deserve it

And only I know what you want, and what you need
The others they don't understand you
That you give them the time of day makes my hair stand on end
And I don't know what to do

I can overlook the many ways you're letting me down
But it's almost the same as if you were watching me drown

Sweep the leg, Jonny. I think you might as well

And if this is the end
I don't have time for it
You know... I only have time for you


released April 19, 2019
guitars, vocals - chris rediske
bass - matt wright
drums - bron moyi


all rights reserved



limesix Orlando

Limesix is a rock band, in the 90s tradition. They maybe sound a bit like Portastatic, Yo La Tengo, and Say Hi, hopefully with some sly nods to Prince.

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